About Alamo Rotary

The Rotary Club of Alamo consists of members who live or work in the Town of Alamo or in nearby surrounding communities.

Members are typically community leaders who wish to foster a better place in which to live at the local, state, national, and international levels.

The club has members from many walks of life such as those from the High-Tech industry in Silicon Valley,  San Francisco Finance & Wall Street, Realtors, Estate and Retirement Planning, Local and State Educators, Community Government, Law Enforcement, and individual entrepreneurs who run small to medium sized businesses.

The Club organization consists of four major areas of responsibilty:

-Club Service

-Community Service

-International Service

-Vocational Service

Contact us:

Contact the Rotary Club of Alamo at: alamorotary@hotmail.com for more information on our club activities, to get information regarding our meeting dates and times, or to simply find out about joining the Rotary Club of Alamo!

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Interested in helping us improve the Alamo community?

Simply Email us at AlamoRotary@Hotmail.com or call us directly at (925) 718-6601. And if you are a proactive person, just drop in on meeting days and ask for our “weekly greeter” at the front door.