Welcome to the Rotary Club of Alamo!

Feel free to drop in any Wednesday, and you will be greeted by a club member! The first lunch is on us.

7 days ago

Rotary Club of Alamo

Just recently announced, our RI 2020-2021 theme! ...

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Coming Wednesday to the Rotary Club of Alamo at 12:15pm. You'll be greeted by Jeff McClung!

Just in case you missed it in the subject, we will be meeting at Round Hill Country Club!!

If you haven’t completed your survey from last night’s fireside, please follow this link to complete the survey:
Membership Satisfaction Questionnaire

Four Way Ramblers

The Four Way Ramblers will be kicking off their 2020 World Tour with an appearance at the Rotary Club of Alamo. While concerts for this year’s tour are expected to be in London, Paris, Rome, and Berlin the exact dates are not yet available. They also expect to be doing a fund raising concert in Kamchatka, but again the details are not yet available. There will also be a performance by some friends of the Ramblers who are members of the Blackhawk Chorus. So bring your better half for an always popular visit by the Four Way Ramblers.

What's happening at Alamo Rotary?

January 13. Alamo Rotary Board Meeting. 6pm. Forli.
January 15. Easter Egg Hunt Committee Meeting. After Rotary Lunch. If you want to serve, join us.
January 21. Tree Lighting Wrap Up. 5pm. 3201 Danville Blvd Suite 190.
January 31. Fellowship Gathering. 6pm. Dick Olsen’s Home.
February 12. Valentine’s Dinner. 6pm Drinks. 7pm Dinner and Dancing. RHCC.
June 27. Demotion Party. Details to follow.

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What is Rotary? You've been asked the question. Now you can answer it concisely:
Rotary is an international leadership organization, made up of local business, professional and civic leaders. We meet regularly, get to know each other, form friendships and service our community and the world.

Upcoming Programs:

January 22 // Chaplain Services – SRV Fire and Police - Nick Vleisides
January 29 // Walnut Creek Police Update – Steve Gorski
February 5 // John Muir: From Birth to Yosemite – Garrett Dailey
February 12 // DARK – Valentine’s Dinner 2/12 RHCC
February 19 // Get Off The Bench and Get Into The Game – Brent Brennan
February 26 // Your Online Identity – Evan Corstorphine
March 4 // The Last Mile – Kenyatta Leal
March 11 // DARK – Joint Meeting at Rossmoor
March 18 // End PolioNow – Are We REALLY This Close? – Mike Crosby
March 25 // The Only Way to Successfully Grow Your Career into Something You Will Really Love – Rachel Burr
April 1 // Impact Diablo Valley – Mindy Longo / Gina Halow
April 8 // The Constitution of the United States - Michele McKay-McCoy

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