Welcome to the Rotary Club of Alamo!

The Rotary Club of Alamo meets every Wednesday at 12:15 pm at Round Hill Country Club in beautiful Alamo.

Weekly meetings are one hour and fifteen minutes long and include a social lunch!

If you are not a member of Alamo Rotary, and are interested in helping us improve the Alamo community, simply Email us at AlamoRotary@Hotmail.com or call us directly at (925) 718-6601. Feel free to drop in any Wednesday during the week, and you will be greeted by a club member! The first lunch is on us 🙂

For a more detailed view of our club’s efforts, social gatherings, and community efforts, visit our Facebook and Twitter pages which are linked at the top of this page along with other informational links associated with the Alamo community.







Alamo Rotary has officially adopted Stone Valley Road!

Pitch in and help us keep it clean wherever you see trash. Or contact us directly to join the clean-up crew! We perform clean-up days bi-quarterly and welcome newcomers to help keep our community litter and trash free. Alamo prides itself as a clean, safe, and crime free community. This is only one of our many community & civic-minded efforts 😉

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